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Living in Illinois you know just how much weather can create damage to your house and other things. Being a Edwardsville roofer we have seen the best and the worst of roofing condition and are here just to shed light on a couple warning signs and things to keep in mind.

Unless there is a major storm that comes through with high winds and rain or falling debris hits your roof, you might not see the instant cause and effect roof damage you might expect. With that said, it does not mean you can not have damage other ways. It is more of a wear and tear situation. One missing shingle can cause roof damage and if left untreated it will create larger problems. You can almost equate it to if you left your car window cracked for a long period of time. Yea, the first couple of days or even weeks it still might be ok, but when the rain and moisture build up that is where the problem comes in. That is why we encourage every homeowner schedule an annual roof inspection because things happen and you might not even know it.

Next, believe it not your roof will not last forever. In the best case scenarios, it will give you 20-30 years with good maintenance and some would also add in good luck. You probably thinking, That is a long time, why would I even think about it not:? Well, that because like i mentioned earlier, one missing shingle can cause damage.

Last, there is hail damage. To the untrained professional hail damage might look like a small ding in your shingles; no big deal. This could not be further from the truth. Hail damage is ruining a lot of roofs out there. Your roof simply cannot handle every type of situation. Hail larger than a quarter falling from thousands of feet in the air is one of them. Again, unless you have a skylight or an already REALLY bad roof hail will not come through your ceiling and create a big hole. On the other hand, what it will do is compromise the integrity of your roof and cause it to wear down faster by puncturing the under layers of your roof to let in water and moisture.

Of Course, not everyone is a professional roofer and wants to get on a ladder to check things out, but what you can do is periodically walk around your property and look for missing shingles on the roof or on the ground. Next, and probably the easiest thing to do is get a roof inspection. They are free from most companies and youll get a peace of mind knowing if there is damage or not.

Hope we shed some light on what to look for in your roofing maintenance needs. Let us know if you have any question. We are always glad to make another home safe!

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